326px|right|Cheese videoCheese, is a sketch that appeared on Mock the Week and features a clip of Prince Charles at a roadshow, and is voiced over by Hugh Dennis.


The sketch begins with Prince Charles shaking hands with a Royal Guard of some sort, whom he mistakes his feather-loaded hat for a Turkey. Charles then informs the guard that the handshake has gone on for too long and tells him to stop, as he is the Prince of Wales. Charles then enters a building where there is a cheese stall, with a man who has a Someserset accent serving. Charles, not knowing what cheese looks or tastes like, asks the man whether he has any cheese. The man replies saying he has loads of cheese and he asks Charles what type of cheese he was after. Charles didn't understand what he meant by 'type of cheese' and replied by saying he thinks that he just want's cheese. Charles moves on to another stall asking the server if they have any cheese. Charles points to a pile of Oysters and asks if they are cheese. The man replies by saying, "No, thats an oyster, sir - Your royal idiotness." Charles then meets a woman, mistaking her for Judith Chalmers and thinking she is deceased. Charles then meets two men, and one of them is referred to as a "shiny-faced man who has escaped from a Cuckoo clock" by Charles. He asks them whether ham is cheese. The man says to Charles that ham is a pig that has been shot, probably by his father who mistook the pig for an immigrant. Charles is offered some ham, and is suddenly outside the building and exclaims, FUCK ME! and asks where the cheese has gone.

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The phrase, "Fuck me" was recorded and is included in the YouTube video, Orange - but with Tim Curry saying it, instead of Charles.